Monday, 31 December 2012


Word challenge of the fortnight was 'juxtaposed', as usual I interpreted it with as self portrait, see below :D

Sunday, 30 December 2012

An Inspiring Time

With the new year approaching, plus spending the holidays at home I have been feeling very motivated and inspired. I am currently working on my list of new year resolutions, plus a healthy eating plan. I've cleared out my wardrobe and have taken two boxes full to the charity shop. Plus I have put my first ever item on ebay... feeling very proud about this one as it's taken me 7 months to get round to doing this and now that I have I've become addicted to checking my listing to see how many watchers I have (current status... 2 days in, 34 watchers and 1 bidder).  In general I've been cleaning and tidying, getting ideas on refreshing the looks of my rooms and writing lots of lists (to do list, wish list, shopping list, resolutions). I'm going to hit this new year running.

To add to my list of things to do, I checked my Pinterest board 'Nice Ideas' this morning. I had totally forgot some of the lovely things I had posted on there, things that I want to make... so they're going to have to be added to a list somewhere, but to keep them fresh in my mind, I thought I'd post them on here too.

This is a great idea to cover up my horrible black plastic hangers 
I must have one of these with my portfolio on

I need to find and buy this... for my bathroom
Dip dyed tin cans. These would look great in my pastel
 kitchen with vintage cutlery in.

Must buy white marker pen so I can do this
A memory jar, filled with the things you've been up to.
 Sweet idea.. why not!
I could make one of these to use as my memory jar.
 Jar, plastic toy, spray paint!

Dip dyed. Tester pots would work well for this. 
Personalised doilly place mat.... love this!
Need to buy the tape, rubberstamps and button so I can
 recreate this for wrapping gifts.
I need to make this... it's lovely. I know a couple of people with
new babies who would love this as a gift.
Need to perfect my gift wrapping so it looks like this.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Best Resolution Ever!

Back in January I decided on a new years resolution I could keep and would also encourage me to spend my money instead of obsessively saving it all the time. I decided my challenge was going to buy myself a dress each month. The only resolution I have ever seen through to the end.

This was January - a gorgeous knitted dress from H&M £14.99
 February - TKMax £16.99,
looks great with brown woolly tights, chunky boots and a gold cardigan
March - I picked this up from a Charity Shop in Leighton Buzzard for £4.
 I love wearing it... so comfy!
April - H&M Sale £3

May -  Never realised how much I was going to love this dress,TKMax £16.99

 June - this was given to me by a friend who thought it would suit me.
I wore it when James took me to see Gossip for my birthday.
 The back is also gorgeous
 July - I only popped into TKMax to return something, but as I walked out it caught my eye and I had to have it. TKMax £16.99
August - I got this just in time to wear it to James's sisters 40th birthday party. TKMax £19.99
 September - I teamed up this top and skirt to be worn as a dress.
Top River Island £12.99 Skirt Asda £7.99
In October I found so many dresses in Debenhams it took me ages to decided which on to buy. £23.99
  November - Bought this one lunch time in the new H&M, I saw it and had to have it. I wore it Christmas day and felt like the fairy from the top of the Xmas tree. Love it so much. £14.99
Oops - I haven't bought Decembers yet... better hit the sales.

Thursday, 27 December 2012


I was a very lucky girl this year and have been very spoilt indeed. Here's a small selection of just some of the beautiful gifts I received this year... I must have been good.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Saturday, 8 December 2012

The End of The World Series

24th November was The Finale - The End of the World Series. A triple header Roller Derby event with Rebellion v Oxford, Vixens v Hell's Belles and BRG v Concrete Cows.

We did a special skate out to support our missing team mate, Beulah Ballbreaker who is bravely battling cancer at the moment.

It was an amazing Roller Derby day, we won our bout with an impressive 220 v 135 and came 2nd overall in the series.

Very proud to be a Rebel.

The skate out for Beulah, taken by Daz Wilson

Action shot by Daz Wilson

Our trophy