Friday, 7 September 2012

Holidays Are Coming

I'm off on holiday tomorrow, one week in Cornwall with the folks and I've just finished my packing. We are staying in a little cottage in Callington and I'm hoping to find time to surf at Polzeath beach, pony trek over Bodmin Moor, go on the Bodmin Steam Train, visit the Museum of Witchcraft and look around the old Bodmin Jail. I'm very excited and really looking forward to chilling out but I will miss the lovely James and my cats Ellie and Tommy so very much.

 Trying to sort out what outfits to take.
 I love travel size.
 My reading material for the week.
And that's me all packed.


  1. Traveling light eh?

  2. Have a lovely time, love you xx

  3. ooh very jealous, have a lovely time x

  4. And what about me? Surely you'll miss me too ... That's 3 Friday nights without eachother :(
    Hope you're having a spectacular time and get to go on all the adventures you listed. See you next weekend?!? xxx

  5. Thanks everyone....I'll miss you too Shannon and I will see you as soon as I get back! xx