Tuesday, 12 March 2013


I have the week off work, with no real plans other than to be a lady of leisure, which includes, shopping, baking, cleaning, blogging and eBaying. Yesterday I visited a couple of my favourite charity shops, then cleaned out my wardrobe - I now have a 2 piles of clothes, shoes and bags, one for charity and one for ebay. And today I went shopping and treated myself to a few things that I needed... wanted.

Vintage side plates 30p each from local charity shop

Vintage silver spoon 25p from Age Concern

Love this dress... actually bought it a couple of weeks ago but have been meaning to blog it, £9 Next (Special Purchase)

Fab new PJs. Top £3, Bottoms £5 Primark

Print on PJ bottoms...super cute

Top tip... when buying a hoody to lounge around in, buy from Primark mens section, they come in XS and have long arms and body so fit perfectly and are toasty warm, £8


  1. pretty purchases! but i always wonder how you constantly clean out your closet?! is it the abyss?? or do you secretly shop more than i realise?! xx

  2. James says it's the Abyss... I personally feel that when I'm walking in it, towards the back where my faux fur coats are it has the feeling of the wardrobe that leads to Narnia :D x