Friday, 24 August 2012

The Imposter

Tonight, to start the bank holiday weekend I went to watch The Imposter, an incredible documentary directed by Bart Layton with stunning cinematography by Erik Wilson (who also did Tyrannosaur).
I went into this film knowing nothing about it... and I feel that really enhanced my experience, but I tend to like to watch movies this way. Throughout the story I was filled with mixed emotions for the main characters, as you get to know each characters through their interviews, allowing you time to draw your own conclusions.
I really loved everything about this film, the story, the characters, the fact that it is a true story, the real interviews, the real people, the quirkiness of the film making, the cinematography and the fact that half way through my jaw hit the floor and my eyebrows hit the roof and stayed there until the movie ended. I enjoyed it in the same way I enjoyed Catfish but it was so much more... Highly recommend!

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