Thursday, 14 February 2013

Be My Valentine

I LOVE Valentines Day.... I really look forward to it and I think it's a really cute day worth celebrating. Nothing over the top but just a little nod to acknowledged the day. This year I suggested to James that we have a £5 budget and the the challenge would be to buy each other the tackiest valentines gifts we could find. Not much of a challenge as the shops were full of goodies to choose from.

My five pounds managed to stretch to a pair of 'Love Machine' socks with a robot on them, heart shaped chocolates and a small bear with a heart on his chest. I received a Hello Kitty holding a heart... perfect.

I was also spoilt my my besties, Sarah and Paul with chocolates and jewelry. Such a fun day.
My Facebook Profile picture on Valentines Day
My gift from James


Necklace from Sarah

Matching bracelet from Sarah


Amazing chocolates from Paul

Brownie from Paul...yum!